Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Mema

Today is my Mema's birthday. To be honest, I can't remember how old she is and I know she doesn't either. You see, Mema is suffering from Alzheimer's. She was diagnosed with Alzheimers several years ago but it wasn't until about 18 months ago that it really began to take it's toll on her. In October of 2004, we had to move her into an Alzheimer's Care Center as my grandfather (Papa) and my mom just could not take care of her anymore. While it was a very difficult decision, it was the best decision.

While Mema doesn't remember that today is her birthday, I do. And today, I can't help but think of some of the more memorable times I've spent with her:

-- When I was about 10 years old, I was staying a week with her. After returning from a haircut, she had me call her hairdresser and tell them that they did a sorry job of cutting hair and then I hung up!

-- One time during Christmas, the phone rang and it was a little boy who obviously had the wrong number. He asked how much we were charging for the little puppy dogs. Mema said only $5,000. The little boy, all dejected, just said ok and hung up the phone.

-- The countless times I heard her tell the story of the time, soon after her and Papa were married, that the local church of Christ preacher came over for lunch. Mema was going to fry a chicken and wanted to do it all her self. So, she went outside, grabbed a chicken and attempted to ring it's neck. Unfortuantely, all she ever did was make the chicken very dizzy!

-- And maybe my favorite story of all time is the time is when her and her sisters were sitting in church (wooden pews) and the man at the end of the pew "cut loose" and the rumble made it all the way to the end of the pew. She says they all laughed uncontrolably for the rest of the service!

I know where I get my sense of mischief from! Thanks Mema.

While you don't know today is a special day, I do. And I have enough memories to last me a lifetime. Happy birthday! I love you!


Friday, February 03, 2006

Just Call Me Nathan "Buffalo Butt" Bookman

Last night, after watching the ACU Wildcat baseball team go 1-0 on the young season, I headed up to Sam Thomas Elementary School for the first homeowners association meeting of our neighborhood. The purpose of this meeting was to elect officers, form committees, determine the annual dues and get to know everyone in the neighborhood.

Once the meeting started at 7:00 pm, we only had 10 of the 63 households present for the meeting. Now I know people are busy, but why would you choose to live in a neighborhood that you know has a homeowners association but choose not to be involved? My comment to those who chose not to attend: Don't complain about the decisions that were made because you had the opportunity to voice your opinion and chose not to.

Now for the reason I am blogging about this. During the meeting, we were forming committees to be responsible for certain jobs in the neighborhood. Somehow, I was nominated and asked to chair the maintenance committee for Oldham Forbes. Are you kidding me? Me, the maintenance chair? I can barely figure out how to set my own sprinkler system. I even sometimes get confused between the flathead and phillips screwdriver. The flathead is the flat one, right?

They say there's very little to do. I need to make sure the company responsible for mowing the common areas does so every week and that the lawn care people spray for weeds a few times each year and that the sprinkler system is working correctly and running on the right watering days.

I am also responsible for making sure that the flags are displayed on holidays like flag day, 4th of July, President's day, etc and that the Christmas decorations are out for the Christmas holidays. Now that's a job I know I can do...especially if it calls for a trip to Linens-N-Things or Bed, Bath and Beyond!