Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Embarrassed and Humiliated

I have another web site that I use to provide information about the ACU Women's Basketball team -- acuwildcats.com. One day after a tough loss, I wrote an article with the above title and the following words:

I am going to put as much effort into writing this article as I saw on the floor last night.

That's all I wrote. Evidently, several people receive google alerts about ACU and when they saw this post, they thought it was ACU's own web site and were upset that ACU would write something like that about their own team. So, after a call from my VP, I had to make a few changes to that post.

Well, this time around, I'm talking about the Dallas Mavericks. Unbelievable! Losing to Golden State!! In 6 game no less!! I hope the Phoenix Suns win it all but someone will have to let me know if they do because I won't watch another game from here on out.


Only 5 more weeks before my most anticipated trip of the summer -- the US Open Golf Tournament and Texas Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates.

And Shawna, my most anticipated trip of the spring is our trip to Mexico in a couple of weeks.