Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! What a great time of the year to reflect on the blessings that God has showered on us. Below are a few things I am thankful for this year...in no particular order:

1. A perfect and healthy little baby boy!
2. A dog that has not torn another ACL in over 2 years!
3. A loving and gorgeous wife!
4. The ACU basketball team that is 2-0!
5. Two wonderful and loving parents!
6. An awesome sister, brother-in-law and three terrific nephews!
7. Fantastic in-laws...honestly!
8. The best friends a guy could ask for (that's about as mushy as I will get)!
9. Being 9-2 and in first place in fantasy football!
10. To know that I am forgiven and saved!

Here are a couple of recent pictures:

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Random Wednesday Morning Minutia

My fantasy football team is currently 6-2 and in first place. Shawna knows I'm having a good year not becuase of what she hears from me but because of what she does not hear from me.


Senator Kerry needs to shut up. It's obvious he's dug himself into a hole with his comments and and now he's trying to deflect the criticism elsewhere. For the most part, I am a republican. But more times than not, I'll vote for who I think is the best person for that position. For once, can't our elected officials try to restore unity amongst all Americans instead of constantly trying to to build walls between us all?


Hats off to Bob Barker! He's finally retiring at the age of 82. To be honest, I thought he was older than that. Is it just me or did other people find it a little creepy that he let people reach into his pocket for a $100 bill if their initial guess was exactly right from contestants row?


Chris Campbell and Aaron Burtch are going to be the PA voice of ACU Women's basketball this upcoming season. I'm especially excited to hear Chris announce games as he is a lot like me in that he gets overly excited during sporting events. There's no telling what he's likely to say over the PA system!


I finally broke down and bought an IPOD. I'm almost always a couple of years behind the curve. There's a marketing term for that but I've been out of college for almost 15 years. Rick Lytle would not be pleased with me.


Congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning last year's NBA title. By the look of things last night, I hope they enjoy being called the defending champions. After losing by 42 points in your season opener, I don't think you'll wear the crown again after this year.


NBA Predictions:

Western Conference Champs - Dallas Mavericks
Eastern Conference Champs - Detroit Pistons
NBA Champs - Dallas Mavericks

LSC Predictions:

1. Angelo State University
2. Abilene Christian University
3. West Texas A&M University
4. Tarleton State University


ACU football is fun again. Well at least for the older fans. For me, this is the first time in my 18 years of ACU that I can remember having a great football team. Last week was a heartbreaker (lost on a field goal with 4 seconds left) but the program is in great hands. We're 7-1 and should end up 9-1 and in the playoffs.


And finally, for Halloween, Austin was a chilipepper. Everyone thought he was either a carrot or a pumpkin. I can see carrot, but pumpkin?? My little boy is 3 months old today! I can't believe it. I can't remember what life was like before he was around...and I don't want to. Here's a picture of our little chilipepper: