Thursday, March 31, 2005

New Beginnings

In 5th grade, my honors teacher had the class keep a journal of our thoughts, what we did during the day, our hopes and our dreams. Basically, it was a blog before blogs were created. On several occassions since, I have attempted to keep a journal but always quit a few days into it. Why? Because I always came to the realization that no one would ever read it. So why document what I was feeling, thinking or doing when no one besides me would ever see it. And hey, I already knew what I was feeling, thinking and doing anyway!

So, today I begin my blogging experience. As I am typing this, I am again coming to the realization that I will probably be the only one to ever read this. But what's different about this time is that maybe, just maybe, someone will stumble across my blog and have the opportunity to catch a glimpse into my life. It's not overly exciting -- but it is me. So, here I am. I'm leaving my journal out for anyone to read. Enjoy!